Second One that Got Away

A few year’s ago I worked in a neighboring town.  About a mile from my office was a little pawn shop that had some guitars and amps.  There was rarely something good, but it was the closest place with guitars.  So I would frequent it…on a regular basis.

One particular visit was different.  In the opposite corner from the normal guitars and amps, right next to all the shotguns, was an off-white, made in Japan, Fender Stratocaster.  It had a white pickguard, but the previous owner had replaced all the single coil pick ups with black Seymour Duncan Lil’ 59 humbuckers.

I asked to play the guitar.  It felt fantastic.  The neck was the perfect size for my hand.  It was smooth and even.  Much better than the baseball bat neck Wolverine had at the time.  It was light and they were only asking $200.

I got excited.  If nothing else, I could cannibalize it for the Wolverine!  The pickups alone would cost me more than $200.

After getting back to my office I called my wife and convinced her that this was a purchase that had to be made.  I went back to the pawn shop on my way home at the end of the day and the guitar was gone.  Someone else bought it less than 20 minutes before I got there.  Bummer.


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