In my apartment complex (back in my single mid-90’s days with the Steinberger licensed Arbor headless guitar) there was an apartment of guys who seemed to have everything.  They were all great snowboarders and skiers (this was in Utah, snow is a big deal).  They all had cars (cool cars too).  They had cool mountain bikes (my bike was too utilitarian to be cool…since I didn’t have a car).  There were always hot women wanting to be with them (it always seemed like each guy had at least a couple of women hanging on).  And they were all in a band called Melk.  They were a year or two older than me and just seemed so much cooler than me (because they were).

My soon-to-be wife (a hot woman if I do say so myself) and I would sit in the parking lot, eat burritos, and talk while they practiced in their apartment.  I’d go to their shows and drool over the guitarist’s brand new Fender American Strat (with the three color sunburst finish I would later learn is called “sunburst”).

Around the same time I added G, C, and F to my chord repertoire, as well as the E and A based bar chords, but I never learned a whole song from start to finish.  It seems like everytime I play G, C, and F chords, I think of those guys and wonder where they are now…and wonder if I will ever learn songs all the way through.


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