Real Demo

One other thing I did to blow off steam in school was to help coach the campus fencing club.  One of the club officers was taking a sound recording studio class and needed talent to record for different homework assignments.  We eagerly volunteered!  Luckily we even had an original song so she could hit a bunch of her requirements.  We played as a band.  Dialed in the sound we wanted.  We tracked the drums.  Then the guitar.  Then we attempted to track the bass.  It took eleven takes just to get one in which I finished the song at the right tempo.  I was amazed at how hard it was to play by myself and keep proper time.  I was really bad.  They had even thrown around the idea of playing an alternating root/5th bass line, but it was soon realized that was not possible.  I sat in awe of the guitarist who had stayed right on the click track without wavering.  He may have only been playing the basic bar chords, but I was just playing the root note.  Then we did voice overs, harmony, punched in a new vocal part, etc.  It just proved to me how much practice needs to go into your playing before you are ready to record.

Out of it we got four takes that she had put together.  Maybe someday I’ll actually post the mp3.


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