One early morning practice found my wife joining us.  She had borrowed a mini-disc player/recorder and had come prepared to document our fun for future laughs and blackmail!  She threw an old microphone over one of the rafters in the garage and hit the record button.

Listening to myself for the very first time was incredible.  We actually made music.  I made music.  I could hear the bass from that massive amp coming through the rest of the mix.  Not only did I love the feeling of the amp blowing my arm hair as I played, I loved making music!  I was bit.

So my wife made copies of the “demo” for everyone and we had fun listening to ourselves.  A few weeks later my family went to a cousin’s wedding.  This was an unusual event because we didn’t just meet up there.  My parents rented a massive van and all 6 siblings with significant others piled in for the 14 hour drive.  We took turns picking the music and so when my turn came up I sent the “demo” to the front seat for a spin.  About half way through the second song, my mother turns back and asks in a voice of puzzlement and slight disgust, “What is this?”

“It’s my band.”  I replied.

Oh,” she claps her hands, “I love it!”


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