Confessions of a Wannabe Guitarist

My second year of law school I convinced my study group they needed to blow off steam by forming a band.  Each of them had vast musical backgrounds and had basically quit their bands to go to law school.  These were the kind of guys who got a group of carrels in the law library basement and played music and video games in between reading cases, writing papers, and outlining classes.

Supplemental Jurisdiction

Supplemental Jurisdiction

They finally agreed that if I got a bass, they would form a band.  For my sake we picked a few three-chord punk songs to cover and met an hour or two each Saturday morning before studying.  I wasn’t very good.  In fact the guitarist was nice enough to come over a few times to run through our cover songs with me.  We called ourselves “Supplemental Jurisdiction.”

It was a blast!

It is years later, the band broke up,  and I am still not very good, but I still love it.  So I started this blog.


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